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Hope for Hereditary Varicose Veins

Having immediate family members with varicose veins increases the likelihood you’ll need comprehensive vein care during your lifetime.

Vein Disease Through The Generations

Diane's grandmother, mother, and her father all had varicose veins. It only takes one parent with varicose veins to increase your risk of developing varicosities by 40%. If both parents have venous insufficiency, you are 90% more likely to present with varicose veins at some point in your life.

As a girl, Diane has watched her mother and grandmother deal with the only real technology available at the time - zip up compression garments. Her mother and grandmother dealt with the bulging veins the best they could. They also had other health problems, like diabetes, that compounded the vein issues in their legs.

Diane’s father sought surgical treatment for his varicose veins. At the time, the only option was painful vein stripping. This procedure also left significant scarring.

In her mid-forties, Diane started to notice the same vein issues that had plagued the older members of her family. Her quality of life was soon affected. She stopped wearing shorts or skirts - even in the hot Georgia summers. She went to bed with painful, itchy, and achy legs and woke up feeling tired and sore.

She knew she needed to do something.

Vein Treatments Have Improved Dramatically Over the Years

For a while, conservative care worked. She elevated her legs whenever she could and wore supportive or compression garments. With her family history, she knew this wasn’t a long-term solution.

Then one day, Diane was talking with a friend about her vein situation. That friend worked in the hospital, and she enthusiastically recommended Dr. Malone.

Diane made an appointment.

“The entire staff was so friendly and professional,” Diane recalls. She was immediately put at ease. She was also thrilled to discover there were so many advances in vein care since her father’s procedure.

The day of her first treatment arrived.

“When Dr. Malone came in, he immediately put me at ease. We were just having a conversation and the next thing I knew, he said ‘we’re all done here’...there was no pain or discomfort at all,” Diane said.

Your Vein Treatment Plan is Customized to Your Diagnosis

Diane had multiple veins that needed to be addressed to optimize blood flow and valve function in her legs.

“Before I received treatment, my veins were bulging so close to the skin that even a slight nick and I’d have a lot of bleeding. I had several veins that needed treatment and my care plan gave me clear instructions on how to manage any issues between treatments,” Diane said.

Vein Treatments Can Improve Your Quality of Life

Diane is a real estate agent who stays busy. Her job can have her sitting in a car or on her feet depending on the demands of any given day. As her vein disease progressed, she struggled to get a good night’s sleep and she would wake up with painful, achy legs. Exercise, while recommended, made her legs feel like cement.

After receiving treatment, Diane says her legs not only look better than she ever imagined – they feel “fresh” and healthy.

“It’s amazing to me that they are able to seal these veins and that over time my damaged veins and valves are replaced by healthy ones,” Diane said.

Diane’s able to wear shorts and skirts and has no reason to hide her legs from the world. She even pedals along using her “desk cycle” while she’s doing paperwork in the office or catching up on her favorite Netflix shows.

Because her particular diagnosis requires on-going treatments, Diane relies on practicing good habits to maintain her newfound vein health. Unlike the compressive garments that her mother and grandmother used, Diane loves the fashionable options that keep her legs looking and feeling great.

Diane says she owes everything to the comprehensive care she received from Dr. Malone and the entire team at Athens Vein & Aesthetics.

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