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We want your experience to be a relaxing and positive one, which is why we get to know each patient individually and we’ll tailor your service to your needs! I look forward to meeting you.”


On the day of your appointment, you should plan to arrive well-hydrated.

Drink 32 oz. of water within 4 hours of your appointment.

Avoid caffeinated drinks like tea, coffee, sodas, and energy drinks during this 4-hour window. Consuming any caffeine can affect the results of your examination.

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It’s a good idea to eat a light meal as you could be in the office for up to 2 hours during a consultation or diagnostic appointment.


Arrive fifteen minutes early so we can collect your insurance card, identification, and any copayment due that day.

If you’ve filled in your patient information forms electronically, you’ll have an opportunity to review your responses and check them for accuracy.

If you weren’t able to submit your patient forms beforehand, we’ll have a secure iPad where you can share your medical history and contact information before your examination.

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Once your health forms are completed and verified, a medical assistant will meet you in the waiting room and accompany you to a comfortable patient room.

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