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A Journey to Health and Beauty More Than Just Spider Veins

The goal of our aesthetics program is to help patients feel and look their best by promoting
treatments that enhance the appearance of the skin.

Vein Disease Through The Generations

When 53-year-old Bonnie Chandler became a patient at Athens Vein & Thoracic Specialists, she was only initially looking for help with her spider veins.

She completed a course of sclerotherapy. Bonnie soon discovered that in addition to being the area expert in vascular care, AVTS also offers a complete line of aesthetic products, services, and non-invasive procedures right here in our office.

Improving the Appearance of the Skin with DiamondGlow

Bonnie had started to notice some age spots developing and was looking for a solution to correct them. She’d always struggled with large, congested pores around her nose that seemed resistant to any cleaning or over the counter products she tried. Her lips were dry, often peeling or cracking.

“I had the DiamondGlow facial done and after just a couple of sessions, my age spots were gone, my pores were clean and clear for the first time in forever, and my lips were finally moist and healthy looking again,” said Bonnie.

To maintain the results of the DiamondGlow, Bonnie uses the products recommended to her by her provider. “She recommended the products to me in order of importance – suggesting I start with the stem cell lotion – but she is never pushy about products,” Bonnie says.

Now as she replaces products, she adds new professional grade cosmetics to her skincare regimen including tinted sunscreen.

Reducing Wrinkles – Conservatively

“Everyone knows someone who looks like they’ve had too much work done,” Bonnie confides.

She knew she didn’t want her wrinkle reduction efforts to look unnatural. With the guidance of her provider, she elected to use Juvederm® fillers to strategically smooth and sculpt her facial features.

Bonnie’s primary areas of concern were a loss of fullness around the lips and in her cheeks. With strategic use of the fillers, she was able to achieve the look she wanted in her lips – and the fillers even smoothed out those “straw wrinkles” so many women get around their mouths as they age.

Her cheek filler added volume and fullness to give her a more youthful look.

Bonnie was thrilled the conservative approach with fillers gave her such natural looking results.

In addition to fillers, Bonnie also used Botox® Cosmetic in her forehead and strategically around the eyes to lift the brow and reduce the look of crow’s feet and smile lines.

“Between the filler and the Botox…it’s really helped! Of course, I still have some wrinkles, but things feel more balanced,” said Bonnie.

She credits her provider’s respect of natural proportions of the face for giving her such pleasing results. “I ultimately decided to take my cheeks to the maximum percentage and the result looks great – so natural,” she says.

Absolutely Confident to Tell Friends About Her Experience

Bonnie says that she wouldn’t hesitate to share her experience with Athens Vein & Aesthetics with friends who were looking for aesthetic services to improve their appearance. “I would absolutely say, ‘You’ve got to call them – they have exactly what you need!’”

She even hints that there may be other treatments for her in the future. That’s how much she trusts Athens Vein & Aesthetics to deliver wellness and beauty procedures that can address “trouble spots” or turn back the hands of time.

Explore Our Complete Range of Aesthetics Services

We offer a complete range of aesthetic services – from DiamondGlow® facials, professional grade cosmetic products, injectables, body contouring, laser treatments, and other non-invasive procedures – all in the comfort of our offices.

We would love to help restore your healthy, youthful glow with results you can’t wait to show off to friends and family.

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